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To join Desert Medical Federal Credit Union you need to:

  • Sign a Membership Card.
  • Present a current government issued picture ID., i.e. Drivers License, State Issued ID card. Hospital ID or proof of eligibility.
  • Present a Social Security Number.
  • Pay a $5.00 membership fee and deposit $25.00 into your share account which needs to be maintained at all times.

A minimum balance of $25.00 must be maintained in your Share Account at all times to be an active member & when you have a loan on record. There is no monthly maintenance fee associated with your account, however, you must use your account at least once annually to avoid a dormant account fee, the dormant account fee is $5 and is charged to your account every quarter your account remains dormant.

Sign up for e-Statements
If you would like to receive eStatements in place of mailed paper statements, please login to your account in Home Access 24 and click on the "Self Service" tab. You will need to first enter an email address, in your personal information. Then, also on the "Self Service" tab, under the section "Additional Services", select "eStatements" and click on "Enroll for eStatements". You will receive a message after the end of the month as to when your statement is ready for viewing. You may also choose to send us a request via the secure e-mail if you would prefer or call our office for assistance.

Call 24 allows you easy access to your account any time day or night / 7 days a week. You can use Call 24 from any touch-tone telephone. All you need is your account number and personal identification number (this PIN is not the same as your ATM or Debit card PIN, unless you have manually changed them to make them the same).

Please follow the new security log on procedures effective immediately. The number to call is: 800-396-3618